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about us


CCI is an owner-operator company formed by former employees of a multi-national automotive electronic company. We are ISO 9001 certified and a member of IPC. We generally serve small-budget-customers of low to medium volume in a wide range of PCB products.

We also do the work of larger PCB sub-contractors at a low cost. The typical work that comes from those larger sub-contractor customers categorizes as follows:

1) Sophisticated small volume project development and the on-going      production runs that follow.
2) Projects which involve multi-processing, special modifications, manual      soldering and assembling.
3) Help meet delivery times or help when the capacity limit of those larger      companies is exceeded.

CCI’s customer bases consists of various low-cost general PCB assembly, automotive and its PCB related work, projects that require IPC class #3 (Medical), and individual customers of small volume work in evelopment and the production runs thereafter.


The office and plant operates on ISO 9001 standards. We have customers that have special quality considerations (automotive, MIL-STD and medical). We can set up product specific quality control criteria as per your requirements.

CCI purchases all the parts and manufacturing-supplies from certified distributors and only use the specified parts and manufacturers in the BOM without exception or modification.


CCI maintains wide-open policy to our customers in pricing to eliminate ambiguity, and give a great consideration for the cost accumulation in our customer’s end. The size and number of employees of CCI is best suited for cost effectiveness in our customer’s point of view. Most of our customers are owner/operators and lager sub-contractors from bigger cities.

LEADTIME (Just In Time):

CCI has implemented JIT to help minimize costs and lead time for our customers. We also help larger sub-contractor customers for their Just-In-Time delivery problems by opening weekend or a 2nd work shift, yet our own customers come first. At CCI the speedy deliveries largely depend upon when the purchase order was issued from our customer, not in delays in manufacturing. CCI holds minimum inventories of not-so-common and/or long lead-time components by the customer’s commitment.

Creative Circuits Inc. #3-50 Craig Street, Brantford, ON N3R 7J1