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what we do

What We Do
Our typical customers

require circuit board assembly for the automotive market and for other products such as cash registers and central vacuum systems. For the automotive market, we have produced circuit boards for global positioning systems, mirror activators, cooling sensors and RV sofa slides.

Creative Circuits Inc. is a 3rd tier supplier to the automotive market.

Competitive Advantage

Creative Circuits Inc.’s product is high quality with a price slightly below the competitors. This is achieved through developing new systems to improve manufacturing efficiencies including developing small jigs, carefully planning the production process and set up of runs, and knowledge of the most effective and efficient production methods from over 20 years experience.

At Creative Circuits Inc., we turn your ideas into reality! We specialize in Full Turn Around Solutions for the electronic circuit board industry. Utilizing Through Hole Technology and SMT Technology we can offer; full assembly with testing, potting, final assembly, prototype construction, circuit board design and lay out capabilities, and problem solving and trouble shooting.

Since 1997, Creative Circuits Inc. has served industries throughout southern Ontario and the northern U.S. by providing:

· Surface Mount & Through Hole Assembly
· Prototype & “Turn Key” Production
· Testing · Potting · Sub Assembly
· Rework · Problem Solving & Trouble Shooting
· Circuit Board Design & Layout
· Final Assembly
· Final Packaging

Procurement Services
- Cable-Wire Harness Assembly.

Creative Circuits follows IPC standards class II and III and is ISO 9001 certified.

Creative Circuits Inc. #3-50 Craig Street, Brantford, ON N3R 7J1